What is Rapid Response

Would you know how to react:

  • if your systems have been hacked and data potentially stolen from your organisation?
  • in the event of a cyber attack when you are being asked for a ransom to reinstate your companies IT infrastructure?
  • if the police were knocking on the door, demanding to interview your senior executives?
  • in the immediate aftermath of an explosion or serious industrial accident?
  • when regulators have raided your premises and wish to remove confidential documents?
  • to prevent a potentially damaging broadcast of a report obtained by an under-cover journalist?
  • if you suspect your colleague may have sold shares in reliance on inside information?
  • to recall your product immediately from sale in many different countries?
  • to prevent a leak or stop a former employee from using sensitive data?

For over a decade, many of our clients in crisis have benefited from our Global Rapid Response services designed to prepare you; guide you through; and help you to avoid these and other emergency situations and include:

  • A global emergency hotline available any time, 24/7 giving you immediate access to our crisis management lawyers and communications specialists
  • Regulatory Compliance audit to help you to identify where your risks lie
  • Tailored training on regulatory compliance issues and on how to handle a raid situation
  • Legal updates including guidance on how these will affect your business