Cyber / data incident

"Dawn raid"/police arrest - United Kingdom

We responded to a Rapid Response call at 7am. A number of senior company directors had been arrested at their houses in a "dawn raid" and taken to the local police station. The client's business premises were also the subject of a combined police and National Health Service counter fraud raid with approximately 40 officers on site who undertook a wide search and seized paper and computer records.

How did we help:

Our Corporate Crime and Investigations team, accompanied by their media relations colleagues were drafted in quickly to represent the directors, to advise on the police powers of search and seizure and to assist the client with managing the process and media on site.

"Dawn raid" by the German Federal Cartel Office

Purported Infringements of the Antitrust Laws

We were approached by a client active in the pharmaceutical sector who was surprised by a "dawn raid" for alleged infringements of German / EU antitrust laws. Officials of the German Federal Cartel Office, accompanied by civil servants of the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation, appeared at the front desk of our client's corporate headquarters. The officials were equipped with a search warrant and requested access to the client's business premises. In addition, the officials requested access to multiple hard-copy and computer files, asked employees for their computer access passwords and wished to take photocopies of documents.

How did we help:

Members of our antitrust team were immediately alerted and were able to assist from the outset by checking the scope of the search warrant and advising the client on the limits of the powers of the officials, etc. During the course of the search we also advised on which documents could legally be seized and which not , whether officials had power to request access to data stored on remote servers, the extent to which our client was required by law to co-operate with the officials, and how we could contain and mitigate the impact of the search on the client's business interests.

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