Search and seizure training

Many of our clients are concerned about the powers which their local regulators and prosecutors can exercise, especially when exercising a search warrant or making an unannounced visit to their premises. A typical enquiry to illustrate this concern comes regularly from international businesses about powers of investigation and the penalties which may arise when there are allegations of bribery or corruption. In one instance, we were asked to advise upon the powers of the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) as well as the possible application of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to non-US conduct.

How did we help:

(i) Serious Fraud Office powers

  • We sent a team (including a former lawyer from the SFO) to deliver training on search and seizure powers to a cross section of personnel who might be directly affected by a raid.
  • We were able to give insight from someone who had been with the SFO into the practicalities of the search and seizure process and to ensure that senior managers and employees are equipped to assert their rights without putting themselves at risk of being prosecuted for obstruction.

(ii) Application of FCPA to non-US conduct

  • Our Rapid Response lawyer (a former prosecutor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission) worked with the client to address the issue and provided training on how to diminish the risk of the FCPA applying to non-US conduct.

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